Carol Wade and the Art of the Wake

Carol is an artist living and working in the heart of Ireland. Since graduating from The  National College of Art and Design she has a had passion for exploring how the cultural footprints of our ancestors have evolved in layers from walking the bog road of Corlea bog  to the cobbles of Moore Street. For Carol who grew up in Dublin raised by Dubliners, the language of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake is the language of her childhood. The quick wit, the humour and the characters of the city combined, manifested themselves in her everyday experiences. From the first time she heard the spoken word of Finnegans Wake she had an immediate affinity with the book, recognising the characters as still being alive in Dublin's older generation. It was this recognition that drove the realisation that this culture was still alive but would soon be gone and she was compelled to embark on the challenge of illustrating this marvelous piece of work through the lens of those still with us. The Art of the Wake is the name Carol's has given this undertaking.

Joyce has created a wonderful tapestry of historical, social and cultural references in Finnegans Wake. The Art of the Wake seeks to weave some of these references into illustrations with the same playful witticism that Joyce was renowned for.

In order to facilitate a conversation around Finnegans Wake Carol is chronologically cataloging her work on a twitter timeline "Art of the Wake" where you can follow her through this fun and exciting journey.


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